One of my matches disappeared

If one of your match or conversation disappears it means that either the person has deleted her/his account or your match.

I deleted a match by mistake, what can I do?

Unfortunately, any deletion is final and the profile of the person deleted from your matches will not reappear in your the future discover profiles.

I don't have new matches

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like — it's sometimes not a walk in the park to find each other. It’s not always instant, it’s not always constant, and it’s not always about you. Consider yourself a diamond in the rough that just needs a few tips to get noticed.
    Put on a funny bio, it always works.
    Make sure you have several pictures of yourself uploaded in your profile.
    Send crushnotes (the yellow tag in the bottom right corner) to your crushes to get their attention faster.
You must persevere, it will pay off!
Last modified 10mo ago