Can I get a match with a profile that has a different fruit than mine ?

The fruit is just an indicator, it allows you to know a little bit more about other people expectations!

But you can compete with other fruits and hope that the transplant will take. Because we figure that just because you're a cherry doesn't mean you can't fall in love at first sight with a grape.

I swiped left a profile too fast. Can I undo my swipe?

Only users that purchase the "Rewind" feature can do that.

How to get a match ?

You have to like the profiles that you like, and if the person in front of you also like you you will have a match and you will be able to chat.

How to know which fruit the person selected on his/her profile?

To reveal the fruit, you’ll have to click on the "?" icon in the bottom-right corner of the person's profile picture.

How can I only find the type of fruit I want?

By default you can see all fruits. The "Filter by fruit" feature available with a Golden subscription allows you to choose only the fruits to your taste.

Can I locate myself in a city other than the one located by my phone?

For the moment, the app only works with geolocation so it is not yet possible to relocate. But our teams are considering to implement it as soon as possible.

How do I edit my search preferences?

Discovery is the part of the app where you see other people's profiles and you can decide to like them or not. To adjust who you see on Fruitz, edit your Discovery Settings.

Just tap the profile icon > tap the gear icon on the top-left corner > scroll to Discovery Settings.

Fruitz offers filters based on distance, age and sexual orientation.

Can I search for a specific person on Fruitz?

You cannot search for a specific person on Fruitz yet.

You can only find people by setting your search preferences.